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  Skype lesson If a webcam,a microphone and a speaker are available on your computer, then you can enjoy Skype lesson.  
    At first please visit the website www.skype.com and download the program .  
    After registering your skype name on the page, please send the skype name to my e-mail adres kuribara.naoki@gmail.comor naoki.kuribara@kpnmail.nl.  
    You can make an appointment for free trial lesson. ( Ref. USA NY time -6hours, Australia Newman +6hours of Amsterdam time)  
  Class lesson If you live in the vicinity of Eindhoven , you can join the class lesson. The class lesson takes place at 20:00 on all weekday. The class may consist of maximaum 4 attendents. You can choose lesson time 1hour or 1.5 hour.  
    The instructor has the experience of 5 years in giving Japanse lesson (of course he is a native Japanese speaker). The lesson fee is only Euro 20 per 4times lesson( on 1hour lesson basis)  
  Home lesson If you want to have Japanese lesson in your family, or together with your friends, then a home lesson is possible too. The lesson would take place in your place .  

If you are interested in, please make contact with an e-mail kuribara.naoki@gmail.comornaoki.kuribara@kpnmail.nl. or calling 0613305143 Naoki kuribara is also possible..

  Naoki kuribara:Adres Finisterelaan 9 5627TE Eindhoven, Tel 061305143.