We have a independently developed method which you will receive on handouts. If you prefer a book instead, you could take for instance Genki. A dictionary is not necessary initially but you could consider pursaching Concise Japanese-English Dictionary by Sanseido. We recommend this publisher also if you are looking for a compact Kokugo-Jiten, but if you really want every single possible entry try Kohji-en by Iwanami-Shoten. Dai-Kanwa-Jiten has more than 100000 Kanji entries but enlists characters scraped off from ruins from literally every corner in Asia.

Skype lessons

You could take a course on Skype . Please download Skype at, register and send us your Skype name. Your PC should be equipped with speakers, microphone and camera. Please make an appointment for a free trial lesson.


A class has a maximum of 4 participants and lasts for an hour. Please ask us for a time which suits you. The class is organised in Eindhoven, Holland.


30 Euros monthly. On Skype 35 Euros monthly.

About me

I am Naoki Kuribara, am a retired electronic engineer and meanwhile have 5 years experience in teaching. During my studies I took courses in literature (Kyouyou-katei).


For any questions, please contact us at or call us at 0031-6-13305143.